LED TV Backlight Accent Strips

Since we’re already on the subject of lighting, I decided to look into something that has fascinated me for quite a while and that’s LED back-lighting. It’s one of those subtle things about a movie theater experience that we take for granted. When you find yourself looking for that missing ingredient to recreating the big screen cinema feeling in your home, it just might be the lighting.

What’s currently on the market ranges from the very simple lighting strips, to more advanced units that can fully interact with your content. Much of the latter is still in the development phase, and far more expensive, but what’s out there now gives you plenty of control over how you set the mood. Choices of colors and schema from remote control is pretty much the starting point for what you want to look for in LED Back-lighting.

I’ve compared some of the better known brands out there and what I’ve found is that you can pay a great deal more for the same features if you aren’t careful. The EveShine Bias Lighting is a great example of a low-cost kit that’s easy to install and provides an excellent result. If you’re looking to light a big screen TV or your game room monitor, these lights will more than do the job.

What I like about the EveShine LED TV Backlight

The EveShine Bias Lighting comes with two strips that you can easily attach to either side of your monitor. They are nearly twenty inches long and fit 32 to 46 inch screens, although there’s nothing wrong with putting them on larger TV’s.

There’s a USB splitter with two inputs and one output to enable you to connect both strips to a single USB port. Keep in mind these are USB powered, so you’re either going to need a port on your TV Box or your Monitor (or HUB) to power the lights.

You can use a pair of scissors to trim the strips if necessary. The cut lines are easily marked and give you the option to work with smaller displays. Peel and stick 3M Adhesive strips attach the lights to the back surface of your monitor.  Use care because they are super sticky and go on firmly.   On the positive side, they should outlast the typical sticky back tape provided with some kits.

You control the light with the included 24 Key Remote controller. From the pad, you can choose from among 16 colors and 4 different lighting schemes. Choose from solid colors, strobes, or cycling colors to fit your mood. Swap between colors and lighting modes using the single-function dedicated keys on the remote control.

You can set the brightness from dim to room filling. The Longlife Leds provide 200 lumens of great looking bias lighting for up to 36,000 hours – which is essentially 4 years of continual use.

Company Information

EveShine is a Chinese Trading company that sells Home Electronics and Athletic Supply products to Worldwide buyers through various on marketers such as Amazon.com.

They have one of the best selling LED lighting kits for computers and televisions.  In the Spring of 2017 they began shipping the LED TV Backlight kit.


EveShine LED TV Backlight

Product Highlights

  • Two separate 19.7 inch strips –
  • Helps reduce eye strain
  • Makes greys and blacks on the screen more vibrant
  • Easy installation with adhesive strips and limited cutting required.
  • 24 Key remote with 16 built-in colors and 4 different light controls
  • Adjust brightness and color mood
  • Connects via USB
  • Works with both Televisions and Monitors

The EveShine LED TV Backlight is the best selling kit for bringing customized lighting schemes to your viewing and gaming experience.  Designed to help fight eye strain and improve the picture quality of your television at night.   For those looking for an improved aesthetic or cinema experience, you can quickly change the ambiance of your room with just the press of a button.

Technical Specs

  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Input Current: 1A
  • LED type: 5050 SMD LED
  • Color: Multiple Colors Selection
  • Strip Length: 2 separate 19.7” Strip + 19.7” USB cable
  • Color Rendering Index: Ra80+
  • Life span more than 36,000Hrs
  • High-brightness 30 quality LEDs

Some customer reviews

But this is so amazing, now we will just be fighting over what color it will be on. I like the blue the best and my husband says he likes the yellow. 

I have always wanted one of these backlight TV lighting. This one is for HDTV and is LED strip lights and comes with a remote control. They go all different multi colors. There are two separate strips included. These are really easy to use you just plug and play.

 I had to stand my ground and keep these for myself, since my son wanted them as well.. I guess I’ll be ordering more for his room. I love the glow of the lights at night.. Nice to set the mood in any room.