Learning Guitar on the Rogue RA-090

I wrote previously about how musically challenged I am. I admire my wife’s ability to play the piano and for that matter am jealous of anyone who can play well. I’m a dedicated consumer of all types of music and really wish I had more talent in that area of life.

From time to time I get the urge to try again, always thinking this time will be different and I’ll finally be able to play. When that impulse strikes, I usually lean toward the guitar, somehow believing that only six strings makes it easier to master. Were it only so!

I think I inherited the desire to play the guitar from my Dad.  When I was a kid he bought a cheap acoustic and would serenade us on camping trips with his repertoire of folk hits. Yes, we were actually one of those families that sang “Kum ba Yah” around the campfire. “She’ll be coming round the mountain” is forever burned into my memory.

Even though he didn’t explore it very far I think Dad has the music gene. I never saw him practice in the house but he could always make the changes fast enough to keep time with the music.  Something I can never seem to get right.  Even a cheap guitar can sound great in the right hands.

I’m a bit of a freak at remembering lyrics so I have thousands of songs in my head. If I could only put them to music I might make a few bucks down at the local pub. My guitar skills are a major impediment to that plan.  At least I have a decent singing voice – or so I’m told.  Maybe they’re secretly trying to get me to stop playing.

One of the things that always holds me back is the gap between what I want to play and what my fingers will allow me to play.  In my head I’m a Spanish guitar master that would give Segovia a run for his money.  When I actually put the thing in my hands I have a hard time mastering “Wild Thing”, and all of its three chords.

It isn’t that I don’t practice. When I made a run at learning again this past year I spent thirty minutes to an hour each day practicing. All of that to discover that I can only move my fingers fast enough to play slow motion versions of my favorite songs.  If you remember how your cassette tapes sounded after leaving them in the sun too long – that’s me on the guitar.

Despite my lack of talent and acceptance that I will likely never play well, I do enjoy a nice guitar.  I like to hold the thing in my hand and give it a good strumming or plucking.  I keep mine tuned and I pick it up whenever I can.  My wife thinks I look good playing it, so that’s all that matters in the end.

Of the several guitars that I’ve purchased over the years, my latest one is probably my favorite. It’s the RA-090 from Rogue.  It’s an inexpensive guitar but it’s by no means cheap. The sound is equal to that of much more expensive models.

If you’re a beginner, don’t forget to add a few picks, and perhaps a tuner to your shopping list.


Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Product Highlights

  • Back Material Type Mahogany
  • Body Material Type Whitewood
  • Fretboard Material Type Rosewood
  • Hand Orientation Ambidextrous
  • Item Dimensions 19 x 42.3 x 5.5 in
  • Neck Material Type Nato
  • Number of Strings 6
  • Top Material Type SpruceThe 6-string Dreadnought design White wood body25-3/8″ scale length Dovetail neck joint Nato neck.

Some customer reviews

Pretty impressed by this purchase. Been playing guitar at a high level for many years, and been around all kinds of guitars, from many top manufacturers. Rogue has been around awhile, entry-level stuff but after awhile of playing you let go of ‘standards’ and see an instrument for what it is. This guitar has a nice, bright and crisp tone to it, a fairly comfortable neck, and accurate intonation and fretboard.

I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and found this guitar to be of much better quality than expected for the price I paid.

This is my first guitar so here’s my review. It’s nice, sturdy, durable (i don’t use a case), and it is well worth it. I tell my friends that it is a forty dollar guitar and they are impressed at how cheap it is.

I Am VERY Happy With This Guitar. I wanted to replace the guitar which I sold a few years back but I did not want to spend for a well known, higher priced, product. I am not at a level of play where I can entertain anyone but myself but I enjoy the time I do spend playing…… very much. I find it to be a calm and relaxing time.