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5.1 Channel Home Theater in a Box

Choices have never been wider in home electronics.  From media players to game systems to projectors, we are faced with a dizzying array of choices.  One of the ways to cut through the noise is to focus on components that make up the heart of any good home entertainment system.  Chief among those is your TV or Monitor.  It’s hard to get very far in your media room without first getting a display.

Once you’ve chosen a proper display, whether it’s a wide screen panel or Home Theater Projector, you’ll want to address the issue of quality audio.  TV and monitor audio has traditionally been designed to be “just adequate” to serve the purpose of providing sound output.  Even though sound has gotten better, if you’re looking for home theater quality out of your system, you’re going to want to look beyond the built-in speakers. Continue reading 5.1 Channel Home Theater in a Box

Home Theater Projector

In these days of rising ticket prices and declining decorum, many people are turning to home theater solutions to satisfy their movie cravings. Long gone are the days where only high end home theater systems could support the cost of a good quality projector.  These days you can find a variety of home theater projectors to fit any budget.

The challenge is to find the best performance in your price range.  You’ll want to find a projector that both suits your budget and your watching requirements. Things that will affect price include Lumens, resolution, lamp life and contrast ratio.  These features break down into several specs that I’ll delve into below.

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